Smart home innovation is an innovative platform that has emerged as a result of improved technology. Smart home innovations ensure the house is controlled from any point you may be. The apartments are now security conscious and aware of its occupant’s wellbeing. Intelligent security devices can distinguish between family members and intruders. The inexpensive digital door lock is one of the improved devices with fingerprints are easily monitored.

Fingerprint door lock is a security device which is of high technology which enables people to use fingerprints, codes or specialised keys. They are used in business premises or at home. For those people who dislike carrying essentials, the digital door locks are the best alternative for you. Digital door lock is the smart gadget for the condo as the locks are worth the apartment. You don’t need to worry about being locked as you will only need your print registered on the computer system. Digital door lock is an excellent security device to use in homes.

Following are some of the advantages of digital door locks

1. One does not need to carry keys. Carrying keys comes it’s a big problem for some people hence installation of digital door locks relieves that burden.

2. With digital door locks, there is adequate control of your smart homes or business premises. This is because with fingerprint doors there is a restriction on who can get in the premises and prevent6s the instances of theft.

3. Its advantageous for the people with disability. The digital door lock is of great importance to people who can’t reach out to doors easily or who struggles a lot with keys.

4. The digital door locks prevent burglary as they have no places for inserting keys.

5. Digital door locks are of various colours with stylish design, and they look attractive and professional

Following are the disadvantages of digital door locks.

1. Easy to Forget. If you can forget on carrying your keys you most likely to remember the pin or codes too. This would be the worst scenario especially during the night or when an emergency occurs since you can get out of the locked place.

2. The power may fail to function. Electricity controls most of the digital door locks. In case your house has power problems the bolt will not work. However, this can be handled by purchasing an automatic generator to provide back up in case of the failure.

3. The door lock requires one to keep the codes clean. This is to avoid derting the systems as the dirt coats may hinder it from working correctly.

4. To use the digital door lock, you have to go as per the instructions to use it. For example, the l3ength of the password is maybe limiting or too many which may not meet your requirement.

In conclusion, smart home innovation provides digital door locks that are usually utilised crosswise over different secure areas all over the world. Corporate and government foundations that are required to be especially delicate towards the issues of protection and security are probably the most noticeable clients of fingerprint locks. Apart from offering digital door locks, smart innovation provides other security gadgets such as nest thermometer, nest protect to mention just a few. Intelligent home innovation makes our homes shine.